Tutoring English

Hey! I've been tutoring English while I'm here in Korea as part of my Global Village program, and here are some interesting things I've learned from my experience! So, I've been tutoring students that are my age and older in English. We work on pronunciation, accents, grammar, and slang. They really, really like the slang … Continue reading Tutoring English


Flying to Korea

Like most people, the part of my trip I was most afraid of was this long flight. I was worried about where I would get my tickets, where I would transfer, if 2 hours was enough time to transfer at JFK, if my luggage needed to be rechecked, if my luggage would get lost, if I would … Continue reading Flying to Korea

My (non-clothing) Packing List

Hi Again!   Here is my list of things to bring that are NOT clothing, shoes, or accessories. Nearly everything I'm bringing is here in this picture, with the exception of my laptop, phone, and camera.  I put my liquids in ziplock baggies and also tape down the caps to prevent spills in my checked … Continue reading My (non-clothing) Packing List

Resources for Korea

I wanted to put together a list of resources I've personally used to learn more about Korea! Things like Youtube channels, blogs, and apps. A lot of these cover subjects like traveling to Korea, speaking the language and basic Korean etiquette, also things like food, nightlife, and interesting places. Apps Korean Alphabet Pronunciation- To help me learn hangul … Continue reading Resources for Korea

Ready, Set, Go! [Post#1]

Hi! I am a Marketing student from New York who will be participating in a study abroad program at Yonsei University in South Korea, and this blog is here to record my experiences and give people an idea of what South Korea is like from an outsiders perspective. In addition to this blog I will (hopefully) be posting … Continue reading Ready, Set, Go! [Post#1]