Two Months Down, (almost) Two to Go [UPDATE]

Hey! So now we're two months into study abroad, maybe a little more. I want to post something quickly to just give my thoughts at this point of the semester. It's May 10th, and my friends at home are finishing up and heading to the beach soon. While I can't say I'm not jealous, I … Continue reading Two Months Down, (almost) Two to Go [UPDATE]


One Month In [UPDATE]

It's been a while, but a ton has been happening! So, I'm in Korea-- finally! My last day in America came and went, I got on two planes, two airtrains, and a bus, and made the 23 hour journey to Incheon Airport and then to Wonju where I am currently residing and will be for the next … Continue reading One Month In [UPDATE]

Ready, Set, Go! [Post#1]

Hi! I am a Marketing student from New York who will be participating in a study abroad program at Yonsei University in South Korea, and this blog is here to record my experiences and give people an idea of what South Korea is like from an outsiders perspective. In addition to this blog I will (hopefully) be posting … Continue reading Ready, Set, Go! [Post#1]